Weather forecast, Temperature, Rain? We cannot be sure of anything but anyway, you don't give a damn about it, do you? What about music? That we are sure of: It will be fantastic.

Ticking artists on a catalogue or calling show producers and telling each of them « Darling, please send me the best » wouldn't be enough.

Not at all, we had to weigh, measure, hesitate, gamble, and dare. And it is not because it is the thirty fifth Printemps that we haven't asked ourselves the same questions we have been asking ourselves every single year since 1977: what do we want to share with people, what artists seem to be the most interesting ones, who would we like to take risks for?

So, from Wednesday 20 to Monday 25 April, in Bourges, we will enjoy the performance of brilliant artists and the most successful ones of the year, strong and steady elders and frail youngsters, brand new impressive acts and efficient dodgers... Most of the hundred artists of the official schedule will be coming for the first time, in addition to the thirty something Revelations. However, many of them will be back – the best ones, the most pugnacious ones, the ones whose creativity never fails.

And like every year, the spectators will enjoy a wonderful adventure, they will see their favourite artists perform once again, and they will discover unexpected revelations confirming the trend of this season. Of course there will be a few cranks; it would be too easy to schedule all the best concerts at a festival. Nevertheless, it is not the only reason why Printemps de Bourges's crew relies so much on the public and the artists. Reasonably priced tickets, the warm welcome festival goers get, nice relationships between the festival and its city, commitment to support the environment; all those things make it a unique and (let's be honest) exemplary event.

Of course it is getting more and more expansive as the public authorities gradually withdraw their commitment to the music sector. This is why Printemps de Bourges has decided to strengthen its partnership with Crédit Mutuel bank from which it gets increasing financial support, while preserving the festival's artistic identity and integrity.

That is how, with the support from public and private partners, Printemps is able to offer three nights with Yael Naim, a new event in relation to Africa, the session with both jazzman Baptiste Trotignon and Christophe Miossec, a handful of stars (Catherine Ringer, Cali, Zaz, Katerine), rap or metal nights...For the third year in a row and for a whole night, the Rock'n'Beat Party will bring together rock and electro at Phénix and Palais d'Auron stages. Cassius, The Do, Beat Torrent and a dozen most energetic and prominent musicians this year. Isn't it an excellent idea? Let's repeat it! Sunday Reggae, 6pm, an impressive eight hours long night at Phénix and Palais d'Auron. On the agenda: the best of Jamaica with The Original Wailers and the best of Africa with Tiken Jah Fakoly. We will also enjoy a reggae tour of Europe with Italian, German, Scandinavian and even French artists. The Printemps happening every year is not a good enough reason for it not to be brand new every single year...

D. C.