Thank you and see you next year


Thanks to all for the success of this years festival!
Save the dates, from 24 to 29th April 2012, for the 36th edition of Printemps de Bourges.
Until then, relive the best of the years festival thought the website photo gallery.

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Avant-goût de la collection 2011 du Printemps de Bourges!


Voici en exclusivité, quelques T-Shirts de la saison 2011 que vous pourrez retrouver dans les boutiques du Printemps, Place Séraucourt et Place Miles Davis.


Les Françoises : The movie !


The camera followed Olivia Ruiz, Jeanne Cherhal, Emily Loizeau, Camille, la Grande Sophie and Rosemary Standley behind the studios and rehearsals closed doors, in the fever of the backstage and finally on stage, when the six singers become the “Françoises”.

A seventy-nine minutes movie about the most special ephemeral band – six artists, six voices, six universes for an unique moment in the history of french song.

The April, friday 22th and saturday 23th at Maison de la Culture de Bourges.

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The official desktop wallpaper


You can download the official desktop wallpaper of the festival.

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The visual for Printemps de Bourges 2011 was designed by Alerte Orange


The poster "Erotico-chic" for Printemps de Bourges 2011 was designed by Alerte Orange agency.

The apparition of Crédit Mutuel in the title of our festival does not mean it has been bought out or taken over, don't worry!

Crédit Mutuel has been the festival's main private partner for several years and it has been strongly involved in the music sector; this year it has given even more support to Printemps de Bourges by filling the gap caused by the decrease in public funding.

It allows us to uphold quality and have the same amount of shows, and to avoid increasing the price of tickets, while retaining our artistic integrity and identity.